Crafting a portrait worthy of all Minecraft addicts!
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Minecraft fans
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If your child dreams in pixels and talks about creepers, obsidian, the nether and diamond ores like it is real life, then Crafting on Cloud 9: The Minecraft Session
is the portrait experience you've been waiting for!

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 Crafting On Cloud 9: The Minecraft Sessions available select days February 2021

What Comes with your minecraft portrait experience?

  • 30 Minute Portrait Session: Your child will enter our life sized Minecraft set at Cloud 9 Studios and instantly fall in the love with being able to build their own look by moving around the blocks. Each session will be unique and a fun experience for your game loving Minecraft fanatic. (Value $75)
  • ​Minecraft Drawing Giftbag: Minecraft drawstring bag with pig or creeper plush gift and matching water bottle, plus a few other goodies. Your child will LOVE starting off their session with this little surprise! (Value $45)
  • Personalized Ordering Appointment: Within a week of your portrait session we will have you come back to the studio to view and order your Minecraft portraits. We will view your images on our giant TV, show you the artistic effects that bring the images to life, and help you to select your favorite poses for prints, posters, and other items. 

Minecraft Portrait Experience - $45

Only 5 FREE Gift Bag Sets Available

"Remember things will be stressful in life, but not as bad as a creeper blowing up your new home!"

Gifting The Minecraft Session Is As Easy as 1 - 2- 3

Step 1: Reserve Your Session

The first thing you need to do is click the green button. This will take you to the checkout page to purchase your Minecraft Session Package ($45). This includes the gift bag (your choice of pig or creeper theme) and your session.  

We will call you within 24 business hours to choose your specific date/time for the session in January.  

Step 2: Go Mining at the Studio

This is the best part of the process! Your child will come to the studio to enjoy a half hour of the ultimate Minecraft Portrait Experience!

Let them choose their outfit to look like their digital Minecraft character and they will be thrilled to build their set for the portraits!

Step 3: Enjoy The Art

While we photograph on a green screen, watching your child's images go from green to works of art is amazing!

Within a week of your session we will have you come back to the studio to select your favorite poses to turn into Minecraft works of Art! Then you get to choose where in your home to display your child's love of the game.
"Hi! I'm Jeanine McLeod owner of Cloud 9 Studios. I believe that photographs are the key to preserving the magic of childhood. As my client’s children grow and change the portraits I create become a collection of memories that reminds them of the years their children spent filling their homes with joy and laughter. "


Meet Your


As a mom I know firsthand that a child’s interests are fleeting. One year they are fascinated by dinosaurs, the next year trains, with fireman or princesses soon to follow. Each one of those holds a special place in a child’s heart, and yours if you think about it, because together they weave a story that defines their childhood.

With today’s busy schedules, I know that most families struggle with trying to find time for a portrait session and often “wait until next year”. The problem is the years fly by, the portraits never get created and our children grow up right before our eyes.

When you open the doors to our studio a magical portrait adventure awaits! We have made capturing forever moments an easy process for the parents, from dreaming up the perfect scene to creating a finished art piece to display in the home.

The experience we create transforms a child into their favorite character allowing them to explore the far reaches of their imagination. When we combine their playful expressions with our magical artwork and effects, the results will bring joy to any parent’s heart.

My passion for children’s photography has come from watching my own children grow and change. I am obsessed with finding ways to slow down time and having the ability to remember every detail of their childhood - from their favorite cartoon and video game to the stuffed animal they couldn’t live a moment without. - These details are what tell their unique story.  
Let's Recap What You Get!
For your child that begs for more screen time so they can finish just one more piece of their house, the Minecraft Sessions at Cloud 9 Studios is the perfect portrait experience!

Your Experience Will Include:

  • Minecraft Drawstring Bag with Pig or Creeper Gifts (Value $45)
  • 30 Minute Portrait Session (Value $75)
  • Personal Ordering Appointment

Total Value $120 
Special Offer Only $45!

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